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Mazii Japanese Dictionary should be Installed:

  • More than 250,000 Japanese - English dictionary words
  • More than 12000 Kanji, full of information about Kanji including meaning, how to read Onyomi, how to read Kunyomi and examples.
  • More than 500 grammatical structures are explained clearly and with specific examples.
  • Community of 1 million Mazii users contributes data to Mazii
  • Show on other apps
  • Free for everyone


All your needs in one app!

No1 Japanese Dictionary helps
your Japanese learning much easier.

Translate Japanese into English

Look up new words quickly

Modern learning without notebooks, pens

Learn Japanese anytime anywhere

Save your
words easily

Remind your learning everyday

Practise JLPT, read news and connect with other learners

Maximize your effective learning:


Easy to use:

Choose the field you want to search: Vocabulary, Kanji, Sentence, Grammar


Type/Draw/Speak in the search box for the word you want to look up


Press the loudspeaker button to hear the word


Who is Mazii for?

Japanese-related employees
Beginners want to improve their Japanese quickly
People who love Japanese culture and language

Japanese language learners from level N5 to N1

Customer Experience:

Amazingly, Mazii makes translation more convenient and quicker than before. 

Thu Thuy /


I found it easy to use right from the first time

Daniel   /


5 stars for this app, I can easily understand words through examples

Lin Dang  /


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